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Boyd Edwards Fleming Given Greenleaf Kerstetter Lammey Loomis Miller Rigg Russell Welsh Zynn(Sinn)


George Zynn Wm Fleming
                            Great Great Grandfather: John Rigg
                     Great Grandfather: Walter Rigg
                     |      Great Great Grandmother: Ann C Unknown
              Grandfather: William Altemus Rigg
              |      |      Great Great Grandfather: Unknown Singlee
              |      Great Grandmother: Florance Singerly (Singlee)
              |             Great Great Grandmother: Mattie Altemus
       Father: >William Austin Rigg Jr. [Tree]
       |      |             Great Great Grandfather: David Barton Miller
       |      |      Great Grandfather: Clarence Miller
       |      |      |      Great Great Grandmother: Ida Mary Lammey
       |      Grandmother: Anna Mary Miller [Tree]
       |             |      Great Great Grandfather: George Fleming Jr.
       |             Great Grandmother: Sarah Fleming [Tree]
       |                    Great Great Grandmother: Anna Rebecca Henderson
Me: Barry Austin Rigg 
       |                    Great Great Grandfather: George Washington Sinn (Zynn)
       |             Great Grandfather: Samuel Zynn
       |             |      Great Great Grandmother: Josephine Edwards [Tree]
       |      Grandfather: Oscar Boyd Zynn
       |      |      |      Great Great Grandfather: Hiram Boyd
       |      |      Great Grandmother: Valeria Boyd [Tree]
       |      |             Great Great Grandmother: Anna Russell [Tree]
       Mother: Joan Marie Zynn [Tree]
              |             Great Great Grandfather: Mahlon Welsh
              |      Great Grandfather: William John Andies Welsh
              |      |      Great Great Grandmother: Annie Mary Smith
              Grandmother: Dorothy Welsh [Tree]
                     |      Great Great Grandfather: Lorenzo Jacob Greenleaf
                     Great Grandmother: Edna Mary Greenleaf [Tree]
                            Great Great Grandmother: Martha Given [Tree]

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